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Budget 2017: Part 2

20 March 2017

Another of Mr Hammond’s Budget announcements has come under close scrutiny this time from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. 10 days after the 2017 Spring Budget, Simon ... more

Hammond’s NIC U-Turn

15 March 2017

Perhaps this is not an auspicious start for the new Chancellor in that he has now abandoned one of the measures he announced only last week in his first Spring Budget. Simon ... more

The Budget 2017

8 March 2017

Simon Littlejohns, Partner and Head of Tax at Birmingham accountants and business advisers Friend Partnership Limited, assesses what the Budget 2017 means for you and your ... more

Strong signs of success

7 March 2017

The Birmingham signage company behind the iconic digital media eyes at New Street Station has worked with Friend Partnership since late 2014, and Friend’s impact on the business has ... more