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At Friend Partnership we are fortunate to work with some of the Midlands’ most exciting contracting and construction companies, helping them to build their businesses with focused and commercial accountancy, advisory and tax planning solutions.

Marketing Force Case Study
Marketing Force Ltd

Marketing Force is the UK’s market leader in roundabout sponsorship with over 100 client councils in the UK.

The company has been a client of Friend for 4 years and been with the Tax Partner Simon Littlejohns for 20 years.

Jim Carr is Chairman and CEO of Marketing Force Limited, and explains more about his firm’s relationship with Friend:

“Marketing Force have been working with Simon Littlejohns for 20 years. He was instrumental in our company taking on HMRC who were refusing to grant EIS relief on a substantial investment. Together we proved HMRC wrong and the judge’s decision in our favour required a significant change to HMRC’s EIS practice.

What we get from Simon and Friend most of all is peace of mind that we are being fully compliant in these days when there are so many reporting requirements becoming more complex and on line. We use Simon and Friend as our ‘one stop shop’.

The firm has a wide range of services available to us:

  • Audit and accountancy;
  • Direct and indirect tax compliance and planning; and
  • Corporate finance support and advice.

I often use Simon as a ‘sounding board’ and welcome his no-nonsense approach. He is the ‘go to’ guy for solid and commercial tax and financial advice.”

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