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Alucast Limited Case Study
Alucast Limited

Alucast is an award-winning manufacturer of aluminium casting and machining solutions. The company, which is based in the heart of the industrial West Midlands, was formed in the late sixties and is privately-owned.

Alucast has been a client of Friend for 13 years.

Alucast’s Chairman, Tony Sartorius and Managing Director, John Swift explain more about the company and its relationship with Friend:

“Our professional relationship with Friend goes back many years.  During that time, they have helped us with a wide range of business and shareholder issues which are typical for a privately-owned company.

“Our main point of contact is Malcolm Friend who has always provided us with no nonsense input on the merits and demerits of the commercial matters we raise with him.”

Malcolm has helped Alucast with raising finance, business acquisitions and disposals, grant applications and many one-off business issues requiring independent, expert advice.

“Our approach to tax planning is conservative. However, Simon has opened our eyes to the possibilities and helped us make best use of the available tax reliefs for the company, as well as helping us rationalise the shareholding structure to ensure that dividend returns are tax efficient for the individuals involved.”

Innovative solutions

“Alucast is at the forefront when it comes to developments in its field.  The company has a technologically advanced customer base which requires innovative solutions and very high-quality components which we believe only Alucast can deliver.

“Our Research & Development programme enables us to deliver a quality service, and products, to our clients. With Simon’s help we are maximising the tax relief for our R&D and have robust support for the claims we have made.”

“The partners and staff at Friend always provide us with practical, timely and commercial advice on all matters we refer to them. We value their proactive input – they regularly raise issues with us, both positive and negative, which impact the business and/or its shareholders.”

“There is no doubt that the success of Alucast is in part down to the exceptional personal and hands on support we get from Malcolm and the team at Friend.”

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