Financial reporting

Friend Partnership provides a variety of financial reporting services to help businesses meet their statutory reporting duties.

Financial reporting services

Financial reporting is a vital aspect of corporate governance and Friend Partnership is skilled in handling this work on behalf of fast growth and entrepreneurial businesses, removing the burden and allowing clients to focus on developing their business.

The financial reporting services from Friend Partnership can include:

  • Preparation of audited financial statements
  • Preparation of unaudited statutory accounts for submission to Companies House
  • Reviewing financial statements for compliance
  • Help with complex accounting matters throughout the year



Our hands-on and focused financial reporting services will:

  • Remove the administrative burden from you/your staff
  • Ensure that the financial figures you present are correct
  • Only report information to Companies House which is legally required
  • Help you to present the right level of information to other third parties

For help with your financial reporting or any other audit services, contact Friend Partnership here.

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