Independent business reviews (IBRs)

Friend Partnership can undertake independent business reviews for businesses experiencing problems. We can act for management, investors or lenders and tailor the scope of our review to meet our client’s requirements.

We work with stakeholders to provide lenders with an independent view on whether its borrower has adequate liquidity to continue operating for the foreseeable future, and will be able to meet its debt commitments as they are due.

Our work includes a thorough review of the business forecasts, and we will test the assumptions contained therein for potential weaknesses and cash low points.  Such reviews help lenders take a view as to whether the business plan provides a reasonable basis to determine the debt capacity and to make future lending decisions.

Our work can include:

  • Pre-lending reviews, reporting to banks and investors on a business and its plan, financials, management and market conditions, and any risk to funders
  • Detailed financial reviews, investigating and analysing specific problems such as cash shortfalls, accounting irregularities or underperformance
  • Specialist investigations in areas such as fraud, or compliance with regulatory requirements

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