Theatre tax relief

Friend Partnership has helped several West End theatre companies and production companies to secure valuable tax relief.

Theatre Tax Relief Services

There are many tax reliefs available to companies involved in the creative industry – films, high end TV, theatrical productions and orchestral concerts.

Theatre tax relief is available to production companies for certain designated production costs in bringing a theatrical production to the stage.

The main features of the relief are:

  • Enhanced corporation tax deduction for certain production costs.
  • Payable credit form H M Revenue & Customs of 20%/25% of any tax losses surrendered.

Friend Partnership has experience of dealing with claims for many production company clients. We assit them to identify the qualifying costs to maximise the tax deductions and tax claims.

We have also dealt with many challenges from H M Revenue & Customs on the availability of the relief and the value of underlying claims.

Please see our guide for further detail.

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