R&D tax relief

R&D tax relief is available to companies carrying out qualifying research and development activities. Friend Partnership has substantial experience of helping companies to successfully claim R&D tax relief.

The main features of R&D tax relief are:

  • Company must be carrying out R&D activities as defined
  • There are different regimes for large and small/medium sized companies
  • Enhanced corporation tax deduction of up to 230% of revenue expenditure on R&D for SMEs
  • Payable credit of 14.5% of any R&D tax losses which are surrendered for SMEs
  • Only certain costs qualify for relief
  • There is an above the line approach for large companies
  • 100% capital allowances for any R&D capital expenditure

We have a wealth of experience of dealing with:

  • Identification of qualifying activities
  • Identification of qualifying costs
  • Maximisation of claims
  • Securing tax payments from H M Revenue & Customs
  • H M Revenue & Customs enquiries with a 100% success rate to date

We have dealt with many R&D tax relief claims for clients in a range of business sectors.

Please see the Friend Partnership Guide To R&D Tax Relief for further detail.